Our VISION is to be a truly multicultural, multigenerational body of Christ.

Ministry for Families

Lee Street seeks to equip families in learning how to care for and support one another as a family.  For more information visit our Ministry for Families page.

Children’s Ministries

Lee Street desires to teach children that they are loved by God and a special part of His Church. We teach them that the stories in the Bible are true and that God is real. He provides a way for us to have a relationship with Him–through Jesus Christ–and to always be with us–through the Holy Spirit.

Please visit our Children’s Ministries page for meeting times and contact information.

Youth Ministries

Lee Street desires that students would know with confidence that their identity is grounded in Jesus Christ, that their faith is both personal and communal, and that they belong both to God and the Church.

For more information visit the Youth Ministries page.

Ministries for Adults

Lee Street’s mission is to make and mature disciples. Our desire is that men and women would acknowledge Jesus as Lord and Savior of their lives.  We want to be always growing and maturing in how we live out our love for God and neighbor.

For more information on meeting times and who to contact visit the Ministries for Adults page.