Leadership & Staff

Lee Street Church elects a Council of Elders and Deacons to serve as its governing body.  This group of men and women serve a three-year term in equipping the church to grow in faith, love and serve others, and be a disciple-making community.

In partnership with the Elders and Deacons, the Administrative Council is a group of men and women who are elected or appointed to focus on specific administrative functions of the church (such as vision/mission, facilities, finance, and human resources). If you have questions, please email the clerk of Council at clerk@leestcrc.org.

Pastor: Kent Rottman
President: Dave Veltkamp
Clerk: Rick Mellema
Treasurer: Chuck Jansen
Deacon Representative: Barb McClurg
Members at Large: Vince Douma and Beth Meekhof
Administrator: Rachel Bouwkamp
Hispanic Ministries Director: Raul Fermin

Elders and Deacons are privileged to come alongside the congregation with care and encouragement. Members are organized into households, alphabetically by last name for easy access.  Please contact the church office to get connected. (616.241.2105)

Household 1


(Elder) Dan Hoekzema

(Deacon) Chris Hoeksema

(Deacon) Barb McClurg

Household 2


(Elder) Dar Bredeweg

(Deacon) Mart Steenstra

(Deacon) Barb McClurg

Household 3


(Elder) Jim Jeluso

(Deacon) Betty Ensing

(Deacon) Barb McClurg

Household 4


(Elder) Dave Reiffer

(Deacon) Jill Steenstra

(Deacon) Barb McClurg

Household 5


(Elder) Greg Rozema

(Deacon) Bruce Kole

Household 6


(Elder) Pete Visser

(Deacon) Porfidio Caballero

(Deacon) Barb McClurg

Household 7


(Elder) Steve Waalkes

(Deacon) Diane Meyer

Lee Street’s Leadership and Support Staff take care of the day-to-day functions of the church–equipping the church for ministry, connecting the church with the community, and helping the church carry out its vision and mission in the community.

Kent Rottman


Raul Fermin

Director of Hispanic Ministry

Rachel Bouwkamp

Administrator and Director of Worship

Ben Hoekman

Seminary Intern


Joseph Lian

Seminary Intern

Vicki Reiffer

Administrative Assistant

Ron Kole

Weekend Custodian


Greg & Jodi Rozema

Weekday Custodians